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Why Membership is Everything

Why Membership is Everything

Why Membership is Everything

May 22, 2019 By Benjamin Morgan
AOPA Australia Executive Director Benjamin Morgan gives a public call for your support.
The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia is entirely powered by members, aircraft owners, pilots, aviation businesses and general aviation supporters whom without we could not undertake the invaluable...

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia is entirely powered by members, aircraft owners, pilots, aviation businesses and general aviation supporters whom without we could not undertake the invaluable work that we do in support of our collective freedom to fly.

In 2019 AOPA Australia is seeking to achieve results on the following key industry reforms;

– Self Certification Medical Reform for RPL & PPL holders
– Exemption for RPL & PPL holders to hold ASIC Cards
– General Aviation Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Reform (Part 43)
– Owner Maintenance Category for Private Certified General Aviation

Along with our efforts above, AOPA Australia is currently engaged in a broad range of airport community efforts, standing with local aircraft owners and pilots, which of recent include;

– Assistance to stop runway displacement (shortening) at Gympie, QLD
– Assistance to stop the closure of cross-runway at Emerald, QLD
– Assistance to Bathurst Airport leaseholder community to effect lease-renewals, NSW
– Assistance to Yarrawonga Airport community to oppose council sell-off, VIC
– Assistance to Drouin South Airfield community to stop airport closure, VIC
– Assistance to stop gas tower construction within the OLS at Illawarra Regional Airport, NSW

Over the past three years we have transformed AOPA Australia re-igniting passion and determination to resolve some of the most challenging regulatory concerns facing our general aviation community, and we are achieving results.

A great example is the introduction of the Basic Class 2 and Class 2 medical reforms in 2017/18 following determined lobby by your association to government.  And, whilst these reforms still require improvement, your association has not stepped away from the debate and believe in equal rights for all pilots – regardless of what you fly.

Another significant achievement was your association’s leadership in driving the General Aviation Summit in 2018 that resulted in the Minister for Transport’s Amendment Bill to Parliament in April 2019 to update the Civil Aviation Act.  In doing so, AOPA Australia with the support of the industry’s peak-bodies proved that change to the aviation industry at the highest legislative levels was possible, proving that focus, determination and resolve are the keys to success.

Over the past three years, we have put the runs on the board and today we are hard at work seeking a positive future for all of general aviation.  Your AOPA Australia team are committed and I am inviting all aircraft owners, pilots, aviation businesses and supporters to join us.

There is a great deal of work in front and to tackle the challenges we will need the weight of numbers in support of the effort – more than ever AOPA Australia needs you to succeed.

I encourage all of our industry participants to not look on from the sidelines, rather take action and join us, helping fuel our tanks in support of our national effort.

Be counted and stand with us, membership is just $159 or $129 if you are a member of an Aero Club or another association.  For very little you can be helping drive our reform agenda to improve general aviation.

Join today:
CALL (02) 9791 9099 – Option 2 – Membership Support

I invite you to forward this email to all of your aviation contacts and friends, welcoming them to pledge their support by becoming members.

Best regards,

Executive Director – AOPA Australia


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Benjamin Morgan

Executive Director - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) of Australia

Topic: Community

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