The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia provides an extensive range of advertising and partnership services to help you market and promote your products and services to our national membership and industry.


AOPA Australia is the central resoure for aircraft owners, pilots and aviation business, we are a powerful community of aviators with a voice to over 15,000 industry participants.


AOPA Australia is a powerful advoce for ‘your freedom to fly’ providing unwaivering leadership on a broad range of aviation industry issues, communicating with Australia’s political leadership on all sides of government.


AOPA Austalia is positioned as Austraia’s leading aviation social media influencer, helping shape the future of general aviation nationwide.  We are at the forefront of industry debate and conversation online, seeking to inspire and motivate.





AOPA Australia digital advertising, provide pilot visitors with in-depth information and resources and provide you with measureable results.  Demonstrate your product value on a quality platform where your brand’s story can be told in an interactive and visual media that pilots find most compelling and convenient.  Integrated Digital Advertising campaigns work effectively across multiple digital chanels to reach pilot at key points in the buying cycle.  Best of all, track the results of your media spend with reports that show performance and return on investment to guide future media planning efforts.

Leaderboard Banners
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Medium Rectangle Banners
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Vertical Tower Banners
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Custom Campaign Banners
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AOPA Australia produces a range of digital newsletters which are distributed via email to our national membership.  Our digital newsletters provide a range of advertising opportunities, which can include tailored advertising solutions, including banners and video assets.

AOPA PILOT AUSTRALIA – Monthly Newsletter
Distributed to AOPA Australia members monthly (each 30 days), this newsletter provides a comprehensive update to AOPA Australia’s national activities, inclduing our AOPA PILOT AUSTRALIA digital magazine articles, editorial and features.

AOPA Australia Fly-Away & Air Safari – Fortnightlt Newsletter
Distributed to AOPA Australia members fortnightly (each 14 days), this newsletter provides updates on all AOPA Australia member fly-aways and air-safari’s.


AOPA Australia and our experienced communications team produce a range of trusted high-quality aviation industry editorial and comment, aircraft flight reviews, aviation product reviews, business reviews and more.  AOPA Australia works in partnership with leading companies to help build awarness and engagement, and can help tailor an advertising and awareness campaign that leverages both editorial, digital advertising and more.

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Video and podcasts engage and captivate our enthusiast aviation audience.  Let your next campaign leverage AOPA Australia’s video and podcast channels by showing your brand or product’s unique value in action.  Whether you’re featuring a product demonstration, commercial or educational content, no other medium beats the impact of dynamic video and audio.

Promotional video’s can be embedded through;

  • Advocacy Editorial and Commentary
  • AOPA PILOT AUSTRALIA digital magazine articles
  • AOPA Australia Electronic Newsletters


AOPA Australia hosts and takes part in a broad range of industry events, fly-ins and airshows providing interactive hands-on exhibits and informative workshops.  Partner your brand with AOPA Australia and drive stronger sales through grass roots showcases.


AOPA Australia is proud to partner with more than a dozen national brands and corporations to provide tangible and unique benefits to our members through the AOPA Australia Strategic Partnership Programme.  Year-round visibility and benefits are central to each Partner being aligned with AOPA Australia’s mission and vision.  AOPA Australia Partners enjoy different tiers of meaningful engagement opportunities through events, media exposure, content collaboration, marketing efforts and many creative interactions throughout the year.


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