Junior Pilots Experiences

Junior Pilots Experiences


Introducing youth to aircraft ownership and flying is essential to the future of Australia’s general aviation industry.  Today’s modern world now exposes youth to an unparalleled platform of opportunity, hobbies and interests, that now requires our general aviation industry to compete for youth interest and participation.

AOPA Australia’s Junior Pilots program aims to help bridge the gap, by making access to aircraft, pilots and aviation learning experiences fun and exciting.  Through the use of digital flight simulation tools and resources, we aim to help inspire youth to get hands-on with the concepts of flying, helping provide an introductory education into the basic fundamentals of flight and the effects of controls.   By providing easy access to aircraft, introductions to friendly pilot mentors and the opportunity to take their first flight experiences, AOPA Australia Junior Pilots aims to help connect thousands of youth to general aviation.

Junior pilots experiences include;

Junior Pilot  Membership

At all events, parents and youth are encouraged to join the AOPA Australia Junior Pilots membership via the website (aopa.com.au/membership) and using the supplied forms, which can be completed on-site and placed into registration boxes.

Learn to Fly Showbag

At all events, parents are encouraged to purchase a Learn to Fly showbag, that contains;  [Learn More]

  • Information on pathways and careers in aviation
  • Directory of flight training schools nationwide
  • Pilot Mentor contact directory
  • Build-it-yourself airplane kit
Pilot Mentors

At all events, Junior Pilots are introduced to AOPA Australia pilot mentors who are on hand to help encourage their participation at the event, along with being a contact that they can speak to about progressing their involvement in general aviation.  [Learn More]

Aircraft Displays

At all events (subject to availability and site location restrictions) a range of aircraft are placed on display around the Junior Pilots flight simulator engagement, with participants encouraged to sit in and experience aircraft first hand.  These aircraft range from recreational and sport to certified general aviation aircraft types.  [Learn More]

PC-Based Flight Simulation Experience

At all events, youth are invited to participate hands-on with the Junior Pilots PC-based flight simulators, wihch aim to help communicate a basic understanding of pitch, roll and yaw, while flying a Cessna 172 Skyhawk.  Flight simulation experiences last approx. 5-10 minutes, however there is no limit on how many times a youth can participate on the day.  [Learn More]

Virtual Reality Flight Simulation Experience

Utilising the latest in 3D virtual reality headset technology, youth (aged 15 years and above) are invited to participate in an immersive flight simulation experience that is second to none.  [Learn More]

Interactive Aircraft Engine Exhibit

Youth are invited to get hands on with our interactive aircraft engine exhibit.  Guided by a Junior Pilot’s mentor, participating youth develop a basic understanding of an aircraft engine and are invited to assist with removing and re-installing engine components.  [Learn More]

Interactive Aircraft Building Exhibit

To help give youth an understanding of aircraft structures, they are invited to particiapte hands-on with our interactive aircraft building exhibit.  Junior Pilots mentors help guide youth through the fundamentals of aircraft building, enabling them to particiapte in drilling and riveting.  [Learn More]

Structured Workshops & Seminars

At all events (where permitted) we provide a range of workshops and seminars that are aimed at helping educate and inspire youth participation in the various sectors of Australian avaition.  Junior Pilots workshops and seminars include;    [Learn More]

  • Hang Gliding
  • Gliding and Sailplanes
  • Recreational Flying
  • General Aviation Flying
  • Careers in the Airlines
  • Aircraft Maintenance & Careers
First Flight Experiences

At select events, participating youth are invited to join AOPA Australia Junior Pilots and take part in a ‘first flight experience’ in a general aviation light aircraft where they conduct a single circuit at the local airport.  At the completion of the flight, the Junior Pilot receives an AOPA Australia Certificate commemorating the experience.  [Learn More]

BBQ & Drinks

At events (where permitted) the AOPA Australia provides youth with access to a $2 sausage sizzle and $2 drinks to help encourage their interest and participation.  [Learn More]

Music and Atmosphere

At all events, the Junior Pilots precinct is complimented with ambient music that helps attract youth interest and participation.  [Learn More]

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