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Junior Pilots Program

Junior Pilots Program


The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia in 2018 launched it’s ‘Junior Pilots Program’ an initiative to help cultivate interest and participation in general aviation, whilst communicating our association’s mission and message, through first flight experiences.

Working in partnership with key sponsors, member pilots, aero clubs and airshow event organisers, AOPA Australia aims to provide first flight experiences to help foster and encourage participation in aircraft ownership and flying, harnessing the power of social media through the delivery of high-resolution 4k video that can be shared across social media platforms.

Junior Pilots Aircraft Fleet

AOPA Australia’s Junior Pilots Program utilises a fleet of fully refurbished Cessna 150/152 aircraft that are proudly sponsored by Muskridge Aviation.  The aircraft sport a unique fleet-wide paint scheme that celebrates AOPA Australia, our 70 years of advocacy and our committement to youth engagement.

Junior Pilot Mentors

At the heart of the AOPA Australia Junior Pilots Program are our volunteer Pilot Mentors, who are responsible for helping inspire the next generation of aircraft owners and pilots.  Our pilot mentors are passionate AOPA Australia members, each with a desire to see general aviation grow and succeed.

The Gift of First Flight

A persons first flight in a light aircraft can be a truely memorable and transformational experience, helping ignite a lifetime’s passion for aircraft ownership and flying.  AOPA Australia’s Junior Pilots First Flight Experiences aim to welcome

The Power of Social Media

Each Junior Pilot’s aircraft is equipped with multiple 4k action cameras that help capture the excitement of each and every first flight experience.  From stunning external camera angles to intimate cockpit footage that captures the smiles and emotions of those participating in their first general aviation experience.  At the conclusion of each flight, the camera recordings are uploaded to YouTube and Facebook, available for participants to share with their friends and family via their personal social media networks.

Membership is Everything

Each and every Junior Pilots ‘First Flight Experience’ participant receives a 12 month complimentary digital-membership to each of the associations who are key partners to the initiative, to help encourage and foster their continued participation in our industry.  These include;

  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia
  • Sport Aircraft Association of Australia
  • Gliding Federation of Australia
  • Hang Gliding Federation of Australia
  • Aircraft Maintenance Overhaul Business Association of Australia
  • Cessna 182 Association of Australia
  • Australian Mooney Pilots Association of Australia
  • Australian Piper Society
  • Australian Beechcraft Society





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