Australian General Aviation Alliance

Australian General Aviation Alliance


AOPA, SAAA and AMROBA came together to form the Australian General Aviation Alliance (AGAA) in January 2018, with the mission to promote;

  • Growth – Community Engagement, Youth Engagement, Job Opportunity Development
  • Safety – Training and Awareness
  • Advocacy – Rules and Regulations

AOPA Australia Representative to the AGAA;

Ms Aminta Hennessy – President
MrBenjamin Morgan – Executive Director

Members of the AGAA;

  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia (AOPA) – founding Member
  • Australian Maintenance Repair Overhaul Business Association (AMROBA)– founding Member
  • Sport Aircraft Association of Australia (SAAA)– founding Member
  • Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA)
  • Hang Gliding Federation of Australia (HGFA)
  • Airtourer Association (AA)
  • Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA)
  • Australian Beechcraft Society (ABS)
  • Australian Mooney Pilots Association (AMPA)
  • Cessna 182 Association of Australia (C182AA)
  • Cessna 200 Association of Australia (C200AA)
  • Cirrus Owner Pilots Association of Australia (COPA)
  • Colour Vision Deficient Pilots Association (CVDPA)
  • Experimental Light Aircraft Association of Australia (ELAAA)
  • International Comanche Society Australasia (ICSA)
  • Lancair Owner Builders Organisation Australia (LoboOz)
  • Regional Airport Users Action Group (RAUAG)
  • Your Central Coast Airport Association (YCCAA)

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