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Camden Night Circuits

Camden Night Circuits

Camden Night Circuits

Camden Airport – Friday Evening June 28, 2019

AOPA Australia members are invited to the June 2019 AOPA Australia Night Circuits Flying Event to be held at Camden Airport on the evening of Friday June 28 2019. Enjoy the crisp, clear night flying conditions that are normally found at this time of the year.
The event is aimed pilots who wish to maintain their night VFR currency or for pilots without this rating to experience what it is like to fly at night. Each pilot completes three circuits using aircraft from AOPA Australia member Altocap Flight School under the supervision of one of their experienced instructors. More details on the Altocap Flight School can be found at

How the evening works is that two or three pilots are assigned to an aircraft with an instructor. Each pilot flies their three circuits, and when completed, they swap with another pilot and then become a passenger for the next series of circuits. The evening is divided into two sessions, one starting at around 17:30 and the other at 20:00. Prior to the second session there will be a BBQ for all participants.
Another option could be for pilots with access to an aircraft to fly into Camden and / or fly some circuits and join in the BBQ. This will keep up night currency as well as an opportunity for an enjoyable evening with fellow aviators.

The aim of AOPA Flying Events is to provide members enjoyable GA experiences at wonderful Australian destinations. The flying events calendar can be found at

AOPA Austraia | Fly-Away Booking Form - Camden Night Circuits

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  • Please use the pull-down menu to indicate how many passengers will be attending with you for this event.
  • From time to time AOPA Australia receives requests from pilots and non-pilots to participate at events. If you have a spare seat in your aircraft and are happy to permit a passenger to join you for your flight, please use the pull-down menu to indicate how many seats you have available.
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    AOPA Australia invites fly-away participants to make a small donation towards our events and activities fund. Donations help our association develop and grow our member activities and events.
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Would you or your local Aero Club or Flying Group like to participate in our annual calendar of Fly-Aways and Air-Safaris?

Each year the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia organizes an exciting calendar of member fly-aways and air-safari’s to some of Australia most iconic and spectacular locations.  Aero Clubs and Flying Groups are all welcome to take part!  To join your club or group, please contact:

Mr Chris Muller
Flying Events Coordinator – AOPA Australia

Mobile:  0412 129 162

Mr George Higgins
Flying Events Coordinator – AOPA Australia

Mobile:  0422 157 991


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