Privacy Policy
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Our Commitment

AOPA is committed to maintaining your privacy and providing you with options regarding the use of your personal information.

Privacy Officer

AOPA has a dedicated Privacy Officer. If you ever have a question about this Privacy Policy or how your personal information is handled please contact our Privacy Officer by calling 800/USA-AOPA or email

  • We collect information you provide such as your name, address, email address, contact information, and date of birth, to complete the transaction you request.
  • We collect medical information you provide to the Medical Department when you request assistance with medical certification issues.
  • We collect credit card information to process the orders you request such as membership and additional services.
  • We collect demographic information to help us learn member characteristics and needs.
  • We monitor our website traffic and analyze which pages are popular, which are not, what areas of the country or the world our traffic is coming from, and the like, using “Cookies and Tracking Pixels.”4 The information we collect may help us deliver targeted advertising and communicate better with you.

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