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Coffs Harbour Fly In

Coffs Harbour Fly In

AOPA Australia Fly In

Coffs Harbour Aero Club

Saturday November 09, 2019


The Coffs Harbour Aero Club is hosting a fly-in to be held at on Saturday November 9.   If possible fly the coast into Coffs Harbour following white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, and possibly sight a migrating whale.  This is an opportunity to visit a beautiful spot on the Australian coast, and enjoy a BBQ lunch at the Aero club at a modest cost of around $20 per person.

If in conjunction with your visit, if you wish to stay one or more nights the recommended spot is:

The Observatory Holiday Apartments
30-36 Camperdown Street

Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
Phone: (02) 6650 0462

These are located near the Jetty, and within walking distance to the Yacht Club, restaurants and the hotel.  If intending to stay Friday and / or Saturday night the Club will be open to enjoy a friendly drink.

If you are intending to come, advising early may get aircraft landing fees waived.  For more information please contact:

Mr Chris Muller
Flying Events Coordinator – AOPA Australia

Mobile:  0412 129 162


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