Each year the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia supports the National FunFlight Day initiative, hosting a FunFlight event from our home base at Bankstown Airport, New South Wales.  FunFlight is a not-for-profit charity that was conceived by AOPA Australia members Michel Verheem and Michael Loccisano to provide children touched by adversity, with joy and inspiration through the exhilaration of flight.  In 2017 the charity celebrated its 10th anniversary, flying their 10,000th passenger with events supported nationwide by AeroClubs, Flying Groups and aviation associations.

AOPA Australia members are invited to take part in a range of volunteer activities at FunFlight, these include;

– FunFlight Captain
– Flight Simulator Instructor
– BBQ & Catering Support
– Flight Operations Support
– Ground Handling Marshalls


Volunteer as a FunFlight Captain

AOPA Australia members are invited to volunteer their time as a FunFlight Captain, giving the gift of flight to children touched by adversity.  The minimum requirement to become a FunFlight Captain are;

– The pilot in command must hold at least a private pilot licence and hold a current and valid medical certificate;
– 250 hours minimum pilot in command time; and
– 50 hours minimum pilot in command time on make and model of aircraft to be flown.

Eligible FunFlight Captains must;

– Hold endorsements for the aircraft being flown and be current in accordance with CASA regulations;
– Have 3 take off and landings in past 90 days OR sign off by a qualified flying instructor or CASA authorised testing officer that the pilot has had a check flight in the past 30 days.

Note: All the above experience includes flight experience in recreational aircraft or experimental aircraft.  After registering, your application will be reviewed and you will be sent an email confirmation to fly as FunFlight Captain.

Volunteer as a Flight Simulator Instructor

Helping make their time on the ground as memorable as their time in the air, the AOPA Australia Junior Pilots flight sumulators are on hand throughout each FunFlight event.  AOPA Australia members are invited to volunteer as Flight Simulator Instructors, helping explain the fundamentals of flying and encouraging participants to get hands on!


Volunteer as a BBQ & Catering Support

At the heart of every FunFlight event is a delicious BBQ lunch and friendly volunteers who are on hand to help make the childrens event a great one.  AOPA Australia members are invited to become an integral part of the FunFlight success by volunteering as part of our BBQ and Catering support team.


Volunteer to assist Flight Operations

The command center of each and every FunFlight event is our Flight Operations Team who are on hand ensuring that the days flying activities run smoothly.  AOPA Australia members are invited to volunteer to assist our Flight Operations team.


Volunteer to be a Ground Handling team member

There is nothing more important than being greeted airside by a friendly and smiling Ground Handling team members.  Responsible for helping FunFlight families airside and coordinating aircraft movements, our Ground Handling team members are an essential component to our success.


AOPA Australia | FunFlight Organising Committee

Mr Chris Muller
Flying Events Coordinator

Mobile:  0412 129 162

Mr George Higgins
Flying Events Coordinator

Mobile:  0422 157 991


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