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AOPA/Airservices 2013 Scholarships

It is with great excitement that AOPA announces its 2013 Airservices scholarships. In an ongoing bid to support the education of the next generation of pilots, Airservices have granted almost $70,000 over a three-year period.

Airservices will fund six scholarships per year to assist with costs associated with gaining post-Private Pilots Licence.

Airservices/AOPA scholarships will assist recipients to further their flying training at minimal cost. Through the Airservices sponsorship, AOPA will provide each successful student with $3,000 to subsidise the cost of post-Private Pilots Licence qualifications, such as an Instrument Flight Rules rating, Multi Engine Rating or Flying Instructor Rating.

The scholarships and TIFs are available to both male and female students who have demonstrated a commitment to aviation. TIFs must be conducted through an AOPA affiliated school, and scholarship applicants nominated by an AOPA member.


2013 Airservices and AOPA Trial Instruction Flight Sponsorship – Download PDF HERE

2013 Airservices/AOPA Flight Training Sponsorship – Download PDF HERE

The flights and training must be done at an affiliated club.
A list of these clubs for each state can be found under the links below.