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Do You Own or Fly an Amateur Built Aircraft?

If so, please read the following important message to amateur-built aircraft owners who may be members of AOPA but not members of SAAA.
There have been some important publications released just recently by CASA, which owners and operators of Amateur-Built (Experimental) - AB - aircraft and Amateur-Built Aircraft Acceptance - ABAA aircraft – may not be aware of.
If you have not done so already, AOPA strongly encourages all owners of amateur built aircraft to register on the CASA website for the Sport Aviation Mailing list so that you will automatically be kept up to date with the latest changes from CASA.
On this occasion I would like to draw their attention to CAAP 42ZC-2 maintenance on amateur built aircraft and AC21-46, both of which can be downloaded from the CASA website and contain useful guidance material provide by CASA.
Various parts of CAO 20.18 that cover aircraft equipment basic operational requirements are currently under review by CASA Projects OS 12/40 and CS 13/01 (both of which can be down-loaded from the CASA website).  These projects have the potential to adversely effect those people that currently operate NVFR or IFR in their AB & ABAA aircraft.
There is also Instrument CASA EX180/12 that replaces CASA EX11/11 for maintenance on limited category & experimental aircraft that has a few changes.
AOPA members that might be affected by these rules are strongly encouraged to carefully review the above material and provide comment; either directly back to CASA, or to the SAAA at:
Sport Aircraft Association of Australia – SAAA
PO Box 99 Narromine  NSW 2821

Phone 02 9889 7777