Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association of Australia


AOPA in 2015

In 2015 AOPA will be working towards improving members website experience via video content produced in Australia that enhances the magazine, an online version of Australian Pilot and the website being updated with regular aviation news relevant to our members.

Starting with the Avalon Airshow, the website will be updated every few days. Avalon is providing us with the opportunity to demonstrate the value of our website, so even if you don’t get to Avalon, you’ll be kept up to date with all the news from Australia’s biggest airshow.

Plus you’ll be kept up to date with information that is of relevance to you, the Australian pilot.

So keep coming back. Members who elect to be kept informed about website updates will receive an email regarding what’s going on.

But Australian Pilot will still be YOUR print publication, giving members a reading experience that will provide the best GA content in Australia.

New age media is a part of our lives. AOPA is here to work hard to represent your interests at the regulatory level, and also keep you informed via our print and online publications.

Let’s keep flying free of undue regulatory interference and, via our publications, lets spread the message that aviation is safe, fun and accessible.