Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association of Australia


A Letter to the Minister

As AOPA members will be aware the board of AOPA commissioned a comprehensive briefing paper, Project Eureka, written by leading aviation industry figures detailing problems with the General Aviation industry and providing real solutions to these problems.

The paper is now complete, and will be available on the AOPA website next week.

AOPA President Marc De Stoop has prepared the following covering letter to the Minister for Major Projects, Territories and Local Government which summarises the recommendations made in Project Eureka.

AOPA will be meeting with the Minister and key advisors in the coming weeks, as well as circulating the executive summary to media outlets.

Please take the time to read this letter and familiarise yourself with the main changes we will be calling for in order to revitalise one of Australia’s most important industries.

It is vital that AOPA members support the board in getting Project Eureka as much traction as possible with politicians across the country.

Please view the PDF of the letter here: Letter to Minister re Project Eureka Apr-16