Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association of Australia

About AOPA

Our Mission

AOPA stands for its members’ right to fly without unnecessary restrictions and costs.

History of AOPA Australia

AOPA Australia was formed in 1949 by pilots and aircraft owners who realised the need for a united voice when lobbying governing and regulatory bodies in relation to legislation and costs associated with aviation.

Over that period the aviation industry has changed remarkably. Yet despite these changes AOPA has always been there to give pilots and aircraft owners a voice.

As the industry continues to change there is still the need for a strong AOPA. But we need your help! Please join or renew today and help give the one voice that has been here for over 60 years the strength to continue the mission of advocacy on your behalf.


AOPA Australia is a not-for-profit organisation led by a team of committed volunteer directors who are subject an annual election to the AOPA board of directors. The Board then elects individual directors to the positions of President, Vice President (x2), Past-President, President-Elect and Treasurer. These positions form the basis of the team that provides continuity in leading AOPA Australia on its mission to represent and advocate for members.

Supporting the board is a team of professional staff who work tirelessly to administer membership, conduct research, coordinate lobbying activities, provide news and publication contect and deliver the many member services that AOPA provides. This team is guided by a full-time general manager who is supported by our administrative, accounts and magazine staff.

AOPA Today

AOPA Australia exists as a unified voice for pilots and aircraft owners. It uses its voice in a number of ways. By far AOPA Australia’s most important job is advocacy. This is working with all levels of government to ensure pilots and aircraft owners are free to fly without unnecessary restrictions or costs. It does this by developing close working relationships with the various government departments and agencies.

As an association AOPA Australia represents its membership in order to secure a variety of discounts and member benefits for our members. These include cheaper car rental and accommodation, member classifieds, reduced price insurance and more.

AOPA Australia works to provide members with high-quality timely information through a variety of channels. AOPA Australia publishes a bi-monthly magazine Australian Pilot , available to the public and full of useful information on current issues and events, interesting products and great holiday and travel destinations. This is complemented by a members-only magazine “Australian Pilot Extra”, produced in the intervening months and available to members only. Finally, this website serves as a central point for the sharing of information with members.